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The Ardèche is a vast, multi-faceted territory offering diverse types of holidays: southern Ardèche, the joy of bathing fanatics, with its Mediterranean climate, harbours the marvellous Ardèche Gorges. The countryside of Ardèche, with its peaceful and luxuriant nature, spreads over the valleys, right to the foot of the mountains. The mountains of Ardèche, sculptured by the lava of volcanoes that are now dormant. The Cévennes, with their luxuriant nature, dotted with ancient little villages. The Eyrieux Valley, a splash of blue in a land that is deeply imprinted with history. The area of Privas with its many historical monuments, enjoying the region's mild climate.

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Accommodation and holiday rentals in Ardèche

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Apartment residence
Attractive residence in Ardeche with swimming pools, free Kids Clubs & family activities in summer holidays. Wifi. Parking.
Holiday Club in lush setting steps from Salavas with 2 outdoor pools (1 with slide) Kids Club & family activities. Wifi. Parking.
Mobile home campsite. water park with swimming pools, 1 with slides. Free Kids Clubs & family entertainment. Hammam, sauna.