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Basque Country, or Pays Basque, is a distinctive and mesmerising part of France. A land with a culture all its own, blending French and Spanish influences offering a holiday destination unlike any other. Nestled between the Bay of Biscay and the craggy western foothills of the Pyrenees mountain range, Basque Country was once an independent nation and feels very different from other holiday destinations in France. Its valleys are flanked by lush hills peppered with quaint, white-painted villages. Sweeping, golden beaches frame the many charming seaside towns dotted along the coast. Amidst all this beauty, you have Michelin-starred restaurants, varied activities from surfing to hiking and lively local festivals, and a bustling nightlife for all to enjoy. Book a holiday rental in the Prestige Residence Les Villas Milady in Biarritz in the Basque Country and revel in the rich, unspoilt beauty of a land steeped in history. More information
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Things to do in Basque Country

There’s no shortage of fun activities for all ages in the Basque Country. Discover breathtaking scenery aboard the ‘Petit Train de la Rhune’ as it meanders through steep mountains to a 905-metre summit. Go surfing at Anglet beach, known as ‘Little California’, or marvel at the grandeur of Cathédrale Sainte-Marie in Bayonne, with its impressive Gothic-style spires. Learn all about the craft of a master chocolatier at Laia in Saint-Étienne-de-Baïgorry, or treat the children to a day at the aquarium and then return to your holiday rental in the Prestige Residence Les Villas Milady in Biarritz. As you’ll be near some of the world’s famous fashion boutiques, indulge in some luxury shopping during your holiday. For family holidays or holidays with friends, the Basque Country is a popular destination full of charm and plenty of surprises.

The culinary delights of Basque Country

Book a holiday rental in the Basque Country and get ready for to discover the culinary delights of this fascinating region. Your taste buds are in for a treat. Discover the secrets to French chocolate and macarons, as well as a variety of must-try dishes passed down from the ancient Basques. This is the motherland of piperade rapide (quick pepper stew) and poulet basquaise (Basque chicken), as well as thon marmitako (tuna casserole) and cabillaud en sauce verte (cod in green sauce). Comfort food takes on a whole new meaning here, as virtually any rustic dish, including omelettes, noodles and meatballs, can be given a fresh twist with a sprinkling of ‘à la basquaise’ magic dust. Succumb to the lure of the local cherry gâteaux and koka (caramel flan), and you’ll wonder why you waited so long to visit.

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