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Holiday rentals with Odalys

City holiday rentals in the Lyonnais region

The Lyonnais area is a superb region of France with its many and varied attractions to discover from your city holiday rental in Lyon in either the Odalys City apart’hotel Bioparc right in the heart of the business complex of the same name or in the modern, dynamic Confluence district in the Odalys City apart’hotel Confluence. Lyon, the magnificent capital of the Gauls, is reputed for its old town, its Fourvière hill, its gastronomy, served in the authentic “bouchons” (the traditional restaurants of Lyon) and its puppet theatre. The famous hillsides of the Lyonnais region, a combination of vineyards and mountains, offer luxuriant countryside scenery at the very threshold of the city of Lyon, making up a region packed with local specialities and traditions. The Lyonnais region, offering both a dynamic city and peaceful countryside, is a surprising and exciting destination, to be explored during your city break or business trip in Lyon. More information
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Accommodation and holiday rentals in the Lyonnais

Lyon, home to thriving tourist and business centres

As well as its large choice of tourist attractions varying from the famous light show which gives the city its nickname, the “ville des Lumières” and the famous neighbourhoods packed with charming boutiques and traditional restaurants to the stunning historical monuments, Lyon is also home to a thriving business district. The Bioparc is the one of the latest technology parks in France for companies specialising in life science and healthcare with over 170 companies installed here. For your business trip book a city apart’hotel in the Odalys City apart’hotel Bioparc right in the heart of this business complex. If your business meetings are taking place in the Confluence district, then book a city rental in the Odalys City apart’hotel Confluence where you will find shops and facilities at hand too. Stroll around this fascinating district, an excellent example of contemporary urbanism in a preserved environment and admire the modern buildings such as the Darse Cube and the Confluence museum. Everything will be easily accessible from your city holiday rental in Lyon with Odalys.

Historical and cultural heritage of the Lyonnais region

For a city break in France combining culture, traditions and picturesque natural landscapes, the Lyonnais region seems the ideal choice. It has many tourist attractions in the two departments that make it up, the Rhône and the Loire. By booking your holiday rental in the centre of Lyon in a city holiday rental with Odalys, whether on holiday in the Lyonnais with your children, a group of friends or just for a romantic break for two, you will be in the ideal spot to discover the rich historical and cultural heritage of the Lyonnais region. Being right in the city centre of Lyon, you will have a chance to discover the charming “Vieux Lyon”, the old town where just strolling through the streets is a pleasure for all the senses. However, in the same area you could also discover the little-known traboules, tiny passageways that crisscross the city. Admire the amazing frescos, ornate doorframes, sculptures and Renaissance facades. As Lyon is the birthplace of cinema, the Lumière Institute and the Musée Miniature et Cinéma must absolutely be on your list of places to visit, a few surprises lie in wait for you ! The stunning Saint Jean Cathedral will leave you speechless even if you think you’ve seen some amazing ones ! So many places in Lyon are listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites that you’ll have to come back many times for a city break in the Lyonnais region to be able to visit and see everything !

Don’t miss the famous “bouchons” while in Lyon !

Who visits the Lyonnais region without eating in one of the famous “bouchons”, an interesting name given to the typical local bistro restaurants found here. In the centre of Lyon you will find streets lined with these quaint, colourful little restaurants with owners and staff with just as much character. Be ready to try some very unusual dishes as gastronomical specialities from the Lyonnais region are well-known for being out of the ordinary and have earnt it the title of “gastronomic capital of France” ! One of the most famous French chefs, Paul Bocuse was born in Lyon and was credited for making “nouvelle cuisine” so popular. Vegetarians abstain as meat is a main ingredient in almost all of the dishes on the menus ranging from tripe, liver, kidneys in dishes such as the “tablier de sapeur” made from beef tripe to the famous “andouillette” sausage made with pork or veal intestines ! Those with a sweet tooth must try the “tarte à la praline” a bright pink crunchy praline tarte or the famous “pate de fruits” ! Not forgetting the wonderful cheeses and excellent wines from the Lyonnais region that must be tasted together – in moderation of course – in good company ! All of these delights can be tried while on your city break in the Lyonnais region.