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Holiday rentals in Montignac - Lascaux, Prehistoric Treasure Trove

Montignac is a small town in Périgord Noir that straddles the River Vézère in Dordogne. Montignac is best known as the home of the Lascaux Cave, famous for its extensive galleries of early European art. Although it’s a treasure trove of prehistoric finds, like many other fantastic destinations for holidays in France, Montignac also makes a splendid base for wider countryside expeditions. With theme parks, castles, farmers’ markets, an outdoor cinema, sporting competitions and fireworks displays taking place throughout the year, Montignac has all the entertainment your friends and family might need. Book your holiday rentals in Montignac to enjoy this quaint French town’s cobbled streets, stone houses, and picturesque scenery. Browse our other holiday rentals in South West France. More information
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Things to do in Montignac

Montignac was made famous by the discovery of a prehistoric cave with over 600 parietal wall paintings. Known as La Grotte de Lascaux, its prehistoric murals are over 17,000 years old. Now a UNESCO site, closed to visitors since 1963, a 3D printed replica called Lascaux II was created, including 90% of the original artwork. More recently, Lascaux IV was built as a full replica of the cave with cutting-edge interactive displays, including child-friendly VR exhibits. But Montignac has much to offer visitors of all ages and tastes. There are the Périgord Noir and Priory music and dance festivals, a road-side seat to the Tour de l’Avenir cycling race, as well as weekly farmer’s markets known as Marchés de Bienvenue. The nearby Château de Sauveboeuf will impress with its own prehistoric exhibits, while the fortified Château de Coulonges is only a short drive away. And after learning about warring factions in the Middle Ages, you can let off some steam at the Le Conquil tree-top adventure and dinosaur theme park. If you want to relax after a day of activities, then just lie by the pool in the Odalys Residence Le Hameau du Moulin.

Montignac’s local cuisine

Tourists flock to Montignac for another particular reason, the local cuisine ! South West France is famous for delicacies like foie gras and truffles. Although not originally from Dordogne, the cassoulet (duck casserole) is the most well-known local dish, usually served with a seasonal salade composée (mixed salad). However, to get a true feel for Motignac cuisine, you should try the walnuts and cheese, more specifically Rocamadour, Le Bleu de Causses, and Trappe d'Echourgnac. The local farmer’s market, held every Monday, is brimming with local produce, but a variety of crémeries nearby also stock a great selection of cheeses, all should be accompanied by a glass of Périgord wine from local vineyards such as Domain du Petit Bateau, Sabrézy or Chambert.