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Colmar Holiday rentals

Holiday rentals in Colmar, historical, charming city

From your holiday rental in Colmar in the Odalys Apart'hotel La Rose d'Argent ), you will be in an ideal spot to visit the most typical of Alsatian towns in Alsace. Near the borders of Germany and Switzerland, Colmar, with its small thatched houses with unique facades lining the peaceful canals, will charm you with its fairytale atmosphere and take you on a journey to somewhere between the Middle Ages and the twentieth century. The town center has become a large pedestrian area that visitors from around the world come to see. Whichever way you turn, flowery streets packed with small shops selling gifts or local gastronomic specialties attract the eye. Between Alsatian folklore (peasant traditions, Christmas markets, etc ...) and the city's light show (from May to September each year), Colmar is not just a city in Alsace, it is also "the most beautiful city in the world" as quoted by Georges Duhamel in 1937. Bon voyage! More information
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Leisure and tourist activities in Colmar

By booking a holiday rental in Colmar, you will be able to experience the unique atmosphere in this charming city in Alsace filled with folklore and traditions. Take a guided tour to find out all the secrets and history of this magical place or visit the main tourist attractions on the little train that winds through the streets. You can even take a barge trip on the canals which gives another interesting view of the town. Visit the vineyards in the surrounding countryside for a wine-tasting session or take a trip and enjoy exploring the medieval castles where activities and events are regularly organised. You can even visit the area by bike making use of the many cycle paths that wind through Alsace. For children, the Parc du Petit Prince in Ungersheim is not to be missed and for history buffs, the 70 authentic peasant houses are another charming discovery.

Heritage and traditions in the city of Colmar

In any season, Colmar has many magical sites to offer holidaymakers of all ages. Spring and summer holidays in Colmar are ideal for relaxing holidays during which you can enjoy strolling through the pretty, flower-lined streets and having lunch in one of the many open-air restaurants or cafes while watching the world go by. From May to September, the folk traditions of peasant festivities dating back to the 18th century take you into a whirlwind of good humor and lively fun. Winter in Alsace is magical. From your holiday rental in Colmar, you will be able to visit the 5 traditional Christmas markets in Alsace where you can discover the many local products and handicrafts on offer Children and adults alike will fall under the spell in the fairytale settings. In addition, Colmar has many vestiges, museums and buildings dating from the Middle Ages and classified for their beauty and preservation: the House of Heads (17th century), the Pfister House (Renaissance), the Dominican Church, the Collegiate Church of St Martin, the Unterlinden Museum (the most prestigious in France) and much more.

Wining, dining and nightlife in Colmar

Colmar is the capital of the Alsace wine-growning area and is also famous for its gastronomy. There are a few classic dishes that you can’t miss tasting such as the baeckaoffe, a savoury dish consisting of marinated meats, potatoes and white wine, sauerkraut made with sausages and cabbage, coq au Riesling, chicken cooked in local wine and for those with a sweet tooth, pain d’epices which is similar to ginger bread and Kougelhopf, a sweet bread made with raisons marinated in Kirsch. You will be able to enjoy foie gras from Strasbourg, where it was invented in 1780. For cheese fans, don’t miss tasting the famous Munster cheese. You will find restaurants to suit all budgets along with many bars serving excellents wines and beers offering live music. For night owls, a great choice of late night bars and clubs can be found in the city centre of Colmar. Make the most of your holiday to the max !