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Holiday rentals in the Loire region, the ideal holiday destination

The Loire Region, or Pays de la Loire, is a lush area in north-western France, surrounded by natural parks and watered by the tributaries of the River Loire. It is a place blessed with the bountiful vineyards of the Loire Valley, palatial mansions, moated castles, stately museums, and a wealth of historical landmarks scattered along the cobbled alleyways of its many pretty towns. As the region with the most diverse variety of wines in the world, the Loire Region will entice you into trying the local delicacies, including fresh game and melt-in-your-mouth cheeses just to try the wines that marry perfectly with these dishes. For some family fun, bungee jumping, horse riding or balloon rides could be the perfect way for you to create some unforgettable moments on your holiday in France with the children. From short breaks and beach holidays to wine tasting experiences, the Loire Region has it all, ready for visitors of all ages to enjoy. Holiday rentals in the Loire Region offer the perfect opportunity to experience for yourself the riches and splendour that made this part of France the home of aristocrats and royalty. If you are looking for a family holiday rental by the seaside, then look no further. Browse our choice of residences and mobile home campsites in the Loire Region on the Atlantic Coast and why not in the Prestige residence Le Domaine des Pnis on Oleron island. If motor racing is your thing, have a look at our offers in Le Mans to visit the famous race circuit. More information
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The many charms of the Loire Region

Once the stamping ground of French aristocrats, the Loire region is brimming with patrician mansions like Musée Balzac or Le Clos Lucé, former home to Leonardo da Vinci. A UNESCO Heritage Site, the Royal Valley is dotted with the castles and fortresses of royalty, as well as those of many noblemen who followed suit. The majestic Château de Chenonceau doubles up as a bridge, the gargantuan Château de Chambord offers activities for all the family, while Château de Villandry boasts a breathtaking ornamental garden. The Maison de la Magie and the ZooParc de Beauval eagerly await young visitors, while the École Nationale d'Équitation offers a tour of the grounds and several horse shows throughout the year. For family holiday rentals by the seaside, choose a residence or mobile home campsite on the Atlantic Coast or even on Ile d’Oleron. If motor racing is your thing residence in Le Mans is the ideal choice to visit the famous race circuit where the Le Mans 24 hour-race takes place.

Authentic cuisine from the Loire Region

No holiday in France would be complete without a taste of the Loire's most sought-after gastronomical treats. When you're feeling peckish, try the delicious cushion-shaped filled pastry that locals call fouée. For a heartier meal, give the local bream or pikeperch a go, especially if it's smothered in the mouth-watering sauce the locals call beurre blanc. The woodland is brimming with duck, quail, pheasant and rabbit, which the locals like to pair with Chenin, Sauvignon blanc, or Melon de Bourgogne. But if you'd like to try fresh Loire venison and other game, you would be advised to pair it with a local Gamay or Pinot Noir. With a choice of food markets including the Sunday market in Amboise and the medieval market at the Joan of Arc festival, you’ll find plenty of tasty local delights to take back and enjoy while relaxing in your holiday rental