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Beachfront* holiday rentals

Beachfront* holiday rentals

For your next beach holiday with the children or friends, are you dreaming of a residence or a campsite right on the beachfront* ? Imagine being in easy and safe reach of the some of the most beautiful beaches on the French or Spanish coast ? Odalys offers you the opportunity to spend your holiday by the beach in one its many residences or campsites offering holiday rentals to suit all tastes and budgets. Whether you prefer holiday destinations on the French Riviera, the Atlantic coast, in Spain, Croatia or in Italy either on the magical island of Sardinia or in Sicily or by the beaches on the banks of the Italian Lakes !

What could be more relaxing than a holiday right by the beach ? Leave the car in the car park of your residence or mobile home campsite and walk a few steps or just a few minutes to the beach. No stress, no worries about forgetting something and so easy to pop back for lunch. Spend long, relaxing days on the beautiful, sandy beaches building sand castles, reading a good book, swimming in the sea and taking a well-deserved nap ! The children will spend an unforgettable holiday and the parents too.

*Beachfront : within 300m from the sea or beach. More information
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Holiday rentals in Italy : your chance to get a taste of the Dolce Vita

Italy offers so many different types of holidays that everyone will find their ideal trip whether by the beach in Sardinia, in the countryside in Tuscany or on the banks of the stunning lake Garda. However, you will notice one theme is present wherever you choose to stay : a vibrant but at the same time relaxing atmosphere where nothing seems to really matter – the famous Dolce Vita ! Whether you visit the bustling cities or mountain villages you will notice that time seems to stop or rather it doesn’t seem to have the same meaning as elsewhere. You must take your time… Tasting exquisite truffles from Alba, locally made buffalo mozzarella or mouth-watering pizza must be done slowly. Rushing meals in Italy is considered as to be rude – you must savour every mouthful and above all you must discuss in depth the ingredients of your dish. Strolling and chatting after a long meal is one of the favourite pastimes in Italy, a perfect holiday activity. When in Rome … as they say !

Italy and its magnificently diverse regions

Even though the famous cities of Rome and Florence are unmissable stops on your holiday in Italy, this intensely rich country offers so many other gems just waiting to be uncovered on the mainland but also on the nearby islands of Sardinia and Elba. Stretches of pristine white sand, pretty coves and creeks, rugged landscapes and turquoise waters await you in Sardinia. Put all this together, add some stylish restaurants and nightlife, luxury shopping and a boat trip or two and you have the perfect summer holiday with family or friends in Italy. Part of the Tuscan archipelago only 10 miles off the coast, Elba is a green oasis with an abundance of natural landscapes, charming villages and around 150 beaches. Visit the famous Italian Lake District and book a holiday rental in the spa town of Sirmione or the pretty town of Castelnuovo del Garda both set on the banks of Lake Garda, one of the most popular places to visit in this region. Among the 18 lakes, the most famous are Lake Maggiore, Lake Garda and Lake Como but don’t hesitate to visit the smaller, quieter lakes to get away from the crowds. Take a boat trip to enjoy the views of the pretty villages on the water’s edge and soak up the unique atmosphere in this exceptional region of Italy.

Something for everyone on holiday in Italy

Italy offers a variety of wonderful landscapes, by the seaside, in the countryside and in the mountains, which will take your breath away. On the long coastline of Italy, you will find idyllic beaches offering the chance to relax and enjoy the wonderful warm climate sunbathing or swimming in the crystal-clear waters. Many pretty seaside towns attract tourists from around the world who come to enjoy the casual atmosphere in the restaurants and cafes where you can try some of the exceptional Italian culinary delights and, of course, the renowned Italian wines while watching the world go by. Dive into Italy’s incredibly rich historical heritage by visiting the famous cities such as Venice, Rome and Florence where you will discover historical monuments and architectural wonders on every street corner. Book your holiday accommodation in Italy with Odalys and choose from residences by the beach or on the banks of the beautiful Italian lakes, or in the haven of peace and quiet of the Tuscan countryside or why not book a family holiday in a mobile home campsite with swimming pool…