Your week's shopping delivered to your doorstep !

Holiday Grocery Baskets : to be ordered at the same time as you book your accommodation**

Why choose a Holiday Grocery Basket ?
When you get to your ski resort, you don't always feel like going shopping in the crowded supermarkets in the ski resort.
However, everyone is hungry !

Discover the Holiday Grocery Baskets, another Odalys service which makes life easier on your ski holiday. Pre-book at least 3 days before your arrival date and your week's shopping will be delivered the day you arrive. All you have to do is unpack your shopping and fill up your fridge. Simple, pratical and money saving.

4 good reasons to choose our Holiday Grocery Basket :

  • - Make the most of your ski holiday right from the start, without having to do the shopping;
  • - Save money thanks to our prices which are much lower than in the resort's shops;
  • - No waste : portions are carefully calculated and you have a menu guide to follow;
  • - Enjoy good quality products, popular brands only, delivered in refrigerated trucks.

You will find everything you need breakfast, picnics/lunches and evening meals. Varied and balanced meals. You also have snacks for children in the Kids Pack. Condiments and household products are also included. Fresh bread and drinks not included.

Adult Holiday Grocery Basket : €99 per pack and per person

Breakfast : coffee, tea, drinking chocolate, butter, Nutella, jam, honey, sliced bread, eggs, orange juice, milk

Picnics or quick lunches : Cold, cooked, meats & paté/cheese/fruit

Hot lunches :

  • - Lunch 1 : Pasta bolognaise, grated cheese, chocolate mousse.
  • - Lunch 2 : French fish pie, fruit.
  • - Lunch 3 : Paella, creme caramel.
  • - Lunch 4 : Chicken thigh, peas, fruit.

Evening meals :

  • - Dinner 1 : Egg mayonnaise, beef burger and green beans, fruit.
  • - Dinner 2 : Cold cooked meats, shepherd's pie, fruit yoghurt.
  • - Dinner 3 : Tabbouleh, pasta carbonara (cream, bacon, egg sauce), creme caramel.
  • - Dinner 4 : Tabbouleh, chicken with Normandy sauce (cream, onions, mushrooms, white wine), rice, fruit.
  • - Dinner 5 : Vegetable soup, filet of fish with sauce, rice, fruit yoghurt.
  • - Dinner 6 : Salad, Tartiflette, chocolate mousse

Condiments and household products : sugar, salt, pepper, mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise, salad dressing, dustbin bags, zipped food bag, toilet paper, washing-up liquid, dishwasher tablets, sponge, paper napkins.

Nutritionist's comments : "Varied and balanced meals for a whole week".

Kids Pack (Children under 12) : €59 per pack and per child

Breakfast : drinking chocolate, cereal, fruit juice, milk, butter, Nutella, jam

Picnics, quick lunches/snacks : ham, cheese, fruits

Hot lunches :

  • - Lunch 1 : Pasta bolognaise, grated cheese, yoghurt.
  • - Lunch 2 : Beef burger, rice, fruit.
  • - Lunch 3 : Frankfurters, mashed potatoes, fruit.
  • - Lunch 4 : Chicken thigh, peas, chocolate mousse.

Evening meals :

  • - Dinner 1 : Beef burger, burger bread, cheese, ketchup, chocolate mousse.
  • - Dinner 2 : Frankfurters, mashed potatoes, fruit.
  • - Dinner 3 : Chicken "Cordon Bleu", green beans, fruit.
  • - Dinner 4 : French fish pie, creme caramel.
  • - Dinner 5 : Chicken thigh, riz, fruit.
  • - Dinner 6 : Chicken "Cordon Bleu", pasta, creme caramel.

Condiments and household products :sugar, salt, pepper, mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise, dustbin bags, toilet paper, dishwasher tablets.

Nutritionist's comments : "Meals rich in protein for plenty of energy".

The Kid Pack is available for children under 12 years old only. Two Kids Packs maximum per 1 adult pack.
Kids Packs cannot be ordered alone.

The list of products above is given as an indication. Subject to deliveries, if a product is unavailable, the Odalys Food Pack Service will provide you with a similar product, and reserves the right to modify the characteristics of the products without prior notice.

*The Holiday Grocery Baskets are available in a selection of Odalys residences (see below). !
**Please note that Holiday Grocery Baskets are to be ordered at the same time as your booking (or at the latest three days before arrival date).