; Go Skiing, You're Covered Offer

Go Skiing, You're Covered Offer

Go skiing you're covered !

« Refund guaranteed » Offer

Special cancellation/modification Conditions valid for bookings made via the « Refund guaranteed » made between 30/09/2020 and 31/01/2021 for arrival dates between the 1st of October 2020 and the 8th of May 2021 in establishments listed :

For any cancellation or modification related to Covid-19, affecting a participant in the holiday party and having an impact on the total period of the stay, 100% of the amount paid for accommodation and services* will be reimbursed excluding administrative fees, in the following cases**:

  1. Total closure of ski equipment hire shops in destination (including Click & Collect)
  2. Total closure of all ski schools in destination (for children and adults)
  3. Total closure of restaurants in destination (including take-away services)
  4. Contact case preventing travel (justified by a medical isolation certificate supplied by a doctor)
  5. You or a member of your travel group is tested positive (RT-PCR test) with the COVID-19 virus
  6. Travel restriction (origin or destination)
  7. Border closure (crossed by the client between place of residence and booked holiday destination)
  8. Ban on travel to the chosen holiday destination
  9. Travel distance limited (radius of 100km)
  10. National lockdown
  11. Regional lockdown
  12. Departmental lockdown
  13. Local lockdown
  14. Obligatory quarantine on return
  15. Rupture of stocks of masks available nationally
  16. Rupture of stocks of hydroalcoolique gel nationally
  17. Total closure of ski lifts in destination
  18. Total closure of beaches in destination
  19. Odalys establishment closed
  20. Total closure of food supplies in destination (including delivery and Click & Collect services)
  21. Change of exam/entrance exam dates during the period of the stay (written proof from education establishment required)

*Refund of ski passes according to service provider’s conditions

**On presentation of written proof

For establishments not valid for this offer, our general cancellation and/or modifications conditions apply.

For all other cancellations and/or modifications, our general cancellation and/or modifications conditions apply.

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