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Croatie Holiday rentals Odalys

Holiday rentals in Croatia, discover the treasures of this exquisite destination

Croatia is a small country in southern Europe on the Adriatic Sea which is still relatively unknown to mass tourism. By booking a holiday rental in Croatia, you will discover magnificent, unspoiled natural landscapes on the coastline, picture postcard beaches and pretty creeks with crystal clear, turquoise waters, numerous islands, luxuriant mountains and plains, a rich and varied flora and fauna… and much more. You can even visit the film location of the famous Game of Thrones series. Whether travelling with family or friends, whether you love spending the day on the beach with a good book, hiking in national parks or delving into the country’s historical past, Croatia has something to offer all tastes and budgets. Book a stylish apartment in Rovinj in the modern Residence Amarin with its beautiful swimming pools overlooking the calm bay or in the beachfront Residence Villas Rubin with its pool with water slides and excellent sports and leisure facilities, ideal for a family holiday by the beach. If you’re looking for a last minute holiday in Croatia or special holiday deals in Croatia, you will find your ideal holiday with Odalys. More information
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Explore the wonderful Croatian peninsular of Istria

By booking your holiday rental with Odalys in Croatia, you will be able to discover the peninsula of Istria, one of the most popular destinations in Croatia filled with surprises and treasures such as the Croatian Tuscany, where time seems to stop, small, colourful fishing villages where you get soak up the unique atmosphere and try some of the delicious local gastronomy. During your holiday in Croatia, you can also discover a country filled with historical and cultural heritage. While strolling around the towns of Istria, you will come across many places that are classified by UNESCO as world heritage sites such as Euphrasian Basilica dating back to the 6th century known to beone of Europe’s finest examples of Byzantine art. Porec is charming town by the sea steeped in history offering holidaymakers a wonderful choice of activities such as guided visits, bike rides and hiking as well as water sports such as sailing, water-skiing and SCUBA diving to discover the rich sea life in the warm, clear waters. Book holiday accommodation in the Residence Laguna Bellevue with its homely apartments set in attractive grounds right by the sea and prepare yourself for an unforgettable holiday.

Delight your taste buds while on holiday in Croatia

Eating and drinking are activities which are much appreciated in Croatia and must not be rushed. The ideal holiday activity wouldn’t you agree ? You will be spoilt for choice with restaurants, cafes and bars on every street corner offering the simple but delicious regional specialities. With influences from its neighbouring countries and of course from the Mediterranean culture, Croatian cooking is a delight for all foodies with each region boasting its own distinct cooking traditions and characteristics. Of course a Croatian meal often includes fresh fish, olive oil and plenty of fresh vegetables and herbs; it’s up to you to choose between a whole fresh fished simply grilled with olive oil and fresh herbs or the classic Brudet or Brodetto, a rich tomato-based fish stew cooked on an open fire. You must try Boskarin, a mouth-watering meat from the Istrian oxen which can be served as carpaccio, with pasta or in a soup (oxtail soup). You can stop at a Konobas (a tavern), a relaxed, local restaurant where you will be able to taste simple, hearty dishes such as Peka, a meat and vegetable dish cooked under a terracotta bell in an open fire giving it a fantastic smoky taste. While staying in Istria, you must try the Istrian hams; dry-salted for at least 12 months with pepper and garlic, served with local cheeses and a glass of red wine the flavours will send your taste buds to heaven ! Truffles from the Motovun forests are also a must on your list of things to try. Although not as well-known as the Italian truffle, some say they are even better and nowhere near as expensive… so you can really treat yourself ! The town’s markets are a fabulous experience where you will meet local farmers and fishermen selling their precious harvest of olives, their latest catch of shellfish and piles of fresh fruit and vegetables. Those with a sweet tooth will only have one problem : choosing between the Fritule (mini doughnuts), the Cupavci (chocolate covered sponge cake), the Makovnjaca (poppy seed roll), or the Bajadera (Croatian praline) to name but a few… While enjoying all of Croatia’s culinary delights, you must of course try some locally produced wines such as the Malvazija from Istrian vineyards, a light crisp white wine which matches perfectly with most of the local dishes. Enjoy your holiday in Croatia – your taste buds certainly will !

Holiday rentals in Croatia : head off for an unforgettable adventure !

For those looking for a complete change of scenery on holiday while not having to travel too far from home, Croatia is the perfect choice. A holiday destination offering an incredibly varied choice of natural and historical sites including 8 UNESCO classified sites such as the roman palace of Dioclétien in Split and Trogir, the Croatian “Venice”. The Kornati archipelago, in Dalmatia with around 140 islands offering some spectacular diving spots and stunning, wild landscapes. Croatia is home to 8 national parks and reserves where you can marvel at the flora and meet some local fauna. An absolute must is a visit to the Plitvice Lakes, a natural World Heritage Site consisting of 16 crystal clear lakes all linked by waterfalls which can be see while strolling along the 18km of wooden footpaths than wind through this breath taking, magical spot. Try to go outside the main holiday periods as the beauty of this natural treasure attracts tourists from around the world. For those wanting to really get away from the beaten tracks to have a chance of meeting a Eurasian lynx, a brown bear or a pygmy owl should head for the Risnjak National Park, a mountainous area with its highest peak at over 5000ft. Pine and beech forests, meadows of wild flowers and fresh alpine air are a great escape from the crowded beaches in the summer months. Hiking and rock-climbing fans should head for the Paklenica National Park where you can explore gorges and caves and admire the 400m-high cliffs where you might spot a golden eagle or peregrine falcon if you’re lucky. Whatever kind of holiday you’re looking for, Croatia really does offer something for all tastes and budgets.